1X10- Supporting Cast: Harvey holds it down for the boys in the phys-ed department; Hilda & Zelda reveal their stylish inclinations in the waking and sleeping hours; Zelda makes star turns in sheer floral printed, blue lace, and leopard print tops.

1X10- Sabrina’s fitted green silk blouse hits all the right notes.

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1X10- Sabrina’s printed miniskirt and quarter-sleeved turtleneck strike a bold chord.

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1X10- Sabrina’s sleepwear, a darling white nightgown, is revealed during a midnight moment of doubt.

1X10- Sabrina takes up kung-fu, and takes in a bold black-and-white hee fu in the process.

This is a great blog. I used to really admire Sabrina's outfits when I was young, haha.

Me too! Glad you like it.

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1X10- Sabrina makes casual look sophisticated in a polo-neck sweater and black mid-waisted trousers, proving once and for all that comfy doesn’t have to mean frumpy.

1X10- Mixing it up for her second sportswear look, Sabrina gets effectively physical in an oversized regulation heather grey crewneck sweatshirt with a playful green Westbridge High logo.

1X10- Sabrina accentuates her flamboyantly figure-hugging belted knit minidress with a coquettish french braid.

1X10- Sabrina serves on the badminton court.